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Quebec, QC
reply to Breezer

Re: [Internet] Sagemcom 2864 port fowarding no longer working?!?

Just called technical support tonight and they said there was no updates to the firmware.

since last night, my stuff is not working anymore.

I have a bridged router on the sagemcom and the PPPoE stopped working. It was fine since june..

BTW, the DMZ IS NOT a solution to the brige mode. be warned. You may think its bridged but your personal router is getting a internal IP from bell's router and then, putting you on a second network.

a bridge mode lets your router have its own public IP (like the sagemcom) with your b1xxxx code installed.

and everything stop working.. again, thank you Bell


Quebec, QC
To be able to circumvent bugs like this port forwarding issue with the Sagemcom, last week I decided to buy a router.
As discussed in another thread, I set up my router in PPPoE mode, setting the proper credentials. This setup seemed to work properly in my initial testing.
Now 2 days ago, I wanted to do my final setup... And it doesn't work anymore?! I saw in that other thread that dual PPPoE logins don't work anymore... So I removed the b1xxx user from the Sagemcom, rebooted everything, still no dice. I can see that the rooter connects, then disconnects after a few seconds.
Is this "normal"? Is there anyway I can get this working?


Quebec, QC
Thats what happened to me.

you'll be able to connect in dual login for a couple of seconds and then, it wont work after a couple of tries. (your router's MAC must get banned)