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Re: Cant connect Xbox360 wirelessly to 2Wire 3801HGV, help!

Would this mtu issue cause the Xbox to come back being unable to obtain an IP address from the router?

Go to your router and check the mtu on the status page. If you are having an Xbox issue you will likely see it set at 576. Mine is and so are many, many others. Go check the Xbox forums and you will see the same issue with everyone. It is also posted by Microsoft on the Xbox support status page. Definitely a know issue with MTU at this time.

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I had issues awhile back trying to connect my Xbox360 with wireless N adapter (and Xbox360 S) to my older Airport Extreme router. I had to use ethernet, which was no problem since it was a 10-foot run.

I tried again to get wireless connectivity. If I remember correctly, I initially had it connect to the Airport via N on the 5 GHz band. I wound-up having to scale it back to G on 2.4 GHz band, and that worked.

Now that I have a dual-band capable Airport Extreme, my 360 S connects without issues. (Setting: 802.11n only 5 GHz, 802.11b/g)

Also, according to, there is connectivity problems with AT&T Uverse users and Xbox Live.
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Would this mtu issue prevent my Xbox from obtaining an ip?

I hate to even post this, but, i'm an idiot...

I had to reset the network configuration to default settings on the xbox. Something I completely looked over thinking it was the gateway's fault. After that I had no problems connecting to the gateway or my router's wireless networks. I decided to stick with using my old router and just using the gateway as a modem though, since I had already set it up... *Smacks forehead*