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Reading, PA
reply to pb5053

Re: Comcast/Service Electric in Exeter, PA

I'm in Exeter township as well and I have SECV for Internet and Phone. They do have 8 downstreams and 3 upstreams bonded with docsis 3.0 modem. It has the potential to be super fast but to pay a ginormous amount for 50/10 just ain't gonna happen here. Because I don't have TV through them, I have 12 meg down by 1 meg up. Speeds are consistent and on the dot all the time. Unfortunately theres no "Powerboost" despite there being plenty of bandwidth available.

For TV they have a real nice selection of HD - more than Comcast in Reading actually. Though I have DirecTV purely because their equipment, operating system and features are far supierer. DirecTV is better for TV IMO because:
Whole home DVR
Remote program DVR from web / mobile apps
Watch select on demand content and live TV on iPad or iPhone.
HD UI featuring full resolution cover art, Pandora radio and YouTube on your TV through the DVR.
Larger hard drive and more efficient MPEG4 recording so you can store more DVR programs
CE program and DBSTalk.com are great ways to test new firmware and participate in cutting edge software releases.
HD channels on same number. For example type in 10 and it is AUTOMATICALLY in HD. SD duplicates are hidden by default.
TVApps and on screen games.
HBOGo, MAXGo, Showtime Anytime

If interested PM me and I'll give you my acct number and we'll get you setup with DirecTV through the refer-a-friend program. We would both get an additional $10 off a month for 10 months. Plus there's loads of new subscriber discounts on top of that which you would be eligible. The new Genie DVR is a free promo and you can record up to 5 things at once and even bring up Picture in Picture.

So while SECV has good programming lineup, the features of DirecTV are far better. I wouldn't be caught dead in that archaic SD I-Guide again.