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reply to IowaCowboy

Re: [Signals] COMCAST said my E2500 router is causing leakage.

said by IowaCowboy:

From what you are saying it sounds like the leakage/ingress issue is being caused by wiring issues.

The first solution would be to put terminators on all unused cable outlets or unused splitter ports.

The second solution is to replace the fittings, wiring, and/or the splitters.

You could also have a device that is causing ingress or a TV is using the CATV line as a ground (usually caused by faulty equipment or electrical wiring).

Did you read the OP and subsequent posts by Original Poster? He said, more than once:
"I inform [sic] one of the guys that I actually pay extra money a month to comcast for servicing/repairs/tech support."

Now from that, I take it, Comcast will take care of inside and outside wiring and all things connected, the same DISH did when I took out their Line Maintenance Service. The same when I had DSL, a few years back.

I know CenturyLink has taken care of some Line oddities for a relative in a Ranch House built in 1955 where the line maintenance option is purchased.

Just trying to keep discussion on track for the OP. If he wishes to experiment, then good for him!