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Parker, CO
reply to NetFixer

Re: [IPv6] Comcast IPv6 Address Assignment/Delegation

said by NetFixer:

It would seem to me to be a Comcast issue when the router does support multiple IPv6 networks (I previously tested with my guest network behind it), and it used to get the /60 allocation but now it does not get it.

Comcast definitely used to supply the requested /60, but that suddenly stopped, and that is illustrated in the screen shots I previously posted. It is perhaps a total coincidence, but it happened after /60 vs /64 allocations were initially discussed in this forum in which I posted that I was getting a /60 assignment.

I PMed you my work email, send me your info like the DUID of your router and cable modem MAC..

But we are accepting anything up to a /60 via DHCP, but the route injection will not work on some CMTS's. I have tested this and I am using it so I know this works and doesn't work in some cases.

My config looks like this:

on My WAN
ipv6 dhcp client pd hint ::/61
ipv6 dhcp client pd prefix-from-Comcast

On my LAN's
ipv6 address prefix-from-Comcast ::1/64

ipv6 address prefix-from-Comcast ::1:0:0:0:1/64

ipv6 address prefix-from-Comcast ::2:0:0:0:1/64

and so on...