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Saybrook, IL
reply to thewisperer

Re: ARGH! Ubnt radios freezing!

said by thewisperer:

I'm with you: give us the option of a 80 dollar device or a 200 dollar device with better specs that won't freeze up and is ip68 and I'm sold!

I just want something that works period.. I'm sorry, but when things were slower, like in my B mode days, I could get single digit pings all day long that almost never wavered. Now I deal with all kinds of stupid issues. High pings, drops, strange data rates that don't add up to signal strengths, the list really does go on. I know it's a different RF environment from when we started. I know we are pushing a lot higher speeds and such. But where did the stability go. Because I really feel like it has diminished over the years to be honest..

With every new firmware, and latest, greatest "x", it seems to not really live up to the fluff of where I was 8 years ago with a pretty damned solid network (albeit slower). And that is why I am really looking at different directions for us. I'm just tired of fighting with things.. Sure I have better ROI's using less expensive gear, but in the long run is it really worth it? I don't know at this point to be honest. Or at least, is it a long term solution for us is a better question for ourselves here at my Co.