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Dallas, TX
reply to audia5

Re: Do you regret switching to Time Warner Internet?

in my area we only have ATT or TWC to pick from. lets go back many many years, I initially went with ATT because it was cheaper and speeds weren't all that different between both companies. everything was fine until they started to introduce Uverse. After they rolled out Uverse in my area, my connection became so unreliable that we would blame everything from the wind to talking too loud for our connection dropping. I lived with it for about a year after the problems started which included a dozen techs, hundreds spent on rewiring the home, hours spent on the phone, and a countless other things.

I finally gave up and went with TWC. It has been a dream since then when compared to the nightmare I went through with ATT. I have had a few bumps along the way but they were all resolved by either a tech or throwing money at the problem. Either of which never worked with ATT.

It all depends on the area for the most part. I have heard the same story but flipped around.