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Gate City, VA

[Embarq] Internet Issues the past week and a half or so

Well I just bragged recently on how great CenturyLink has been over the years and now this hits. For the past week and a half I've been having internet issues that seem to be getting worse. It first started out as modem resets and mostly seemed to effect my wireless internet. I have a combo modem/wireless router so I thought maybe it was the wireless part of it since it mostly was effecting my Wifi Network however its not just that. CenturyLink did agree to send me a new box which I just got today. However while waiting on the box to come in my internet went completely offline for about 15-20 minutes. They had me reset the old modem with a soft and hard reset and they said it wasn't my modem. I was transferred to tech support and while on hold my internet came back so I actually just hung up.

Today I got my new modem in and once again everything seemed fine today although I once again had WiFi issues which I fixed but boom my Internet light on the new modem went flashing red on the new unit and I had no internet wireless or hard line for roughly 10 minutes and then it came right back on. I'm baffled by these issues and the fact that my issues seem to keep expanding and I'm having more outages, albeit short ones. They seem to be most sporatic though as my internet is fine at times but then it goes through a period of time where its very shakey or online/offline. I just really want this fixed whatever the problem is.

BTW on both units the DSL and all other lights are green but TWICE I've seen the internet light go red once for maybe 15 minutes or so and tonight it went off for 10 minutes.

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Be patient. I went through that for several weeks while they upgraded equipment and then screwed up an upgrade with bad software. After it is over it will be over. You might get faster speed but don't count on it if you are truly rural -- say 35 miles from the CO that was closed. .
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Gate City, VA
reply to comicalmoody
Well I haven't had any problems in over a week now. So whatever the issues were for now they are gone. I'm not happy on my latest bill though I'm now being charged a "modem rental fee". I never ever paid this fee in the past and the rep that I talked to about replacing the modem never meantioned to me that I'd now pay such a charge. I just got off the phone with customer service about this fee and the rep I talked to wasn't that friendly or helpful. He pretty much just said that's the way it is and I just have to pay it. I'm not to happy with Centurylink at the moment. If I ever get a choice of a new provider with faster speeds I will be switching.

Boise, ID
Hi comicalmoody. This is Joey with CenturyLink. Sorry you're having issues with your billing. We're happy to help look into your billing issue for you. Just send us your account information to TalkToUs@CenturyLink.com and reference your post here on DSLReports.com. Thank you.

Joey H
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Gate City, VA
Thanks Joey!!! My issue is resolved now, I'm a happy CenturyLink customer once again