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united state
reply to johnnn

Re: [Speed] Congested Comcast Peering with Akamai, Google in Mid

I am so tired of people saying something on the internet is wrong because you think your ping/traceroute does not look good.

If it's not LAN or a network you completely control, don't even bother... A route can just ignore or deprioritize icmp...
with multiplication involved, GSLB (CDN) your traceroute is pretty much worthless as the path is very likely to change in 60s if not fasters...

If you are not a network operator, you don't need to complaint about someone other than your ISP because you have no control over them and they probably don't give a fark about you....


Ypsilanti, MI

Please read the OP. The tracert looks just fine. It's the throughput that's the problem.