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Hilo, HI
reply to Fleeced

Re: How to lease SB6141?

said by Fleeced:

20/2 is not "wideband" and does not require a docsis 3 modem. You can theoretically put extreme on a D2 modem if you really wanted to (Though it's not recommended). Accounting for overhead, channel bonding (The Docsis 3 feature) isn't a requirement until you start getting over 30 down.

Having a D3 modem will offer a lot of advantages on the turbo (20/2 speed) but again, is not a requirement in any sort of fashion.

You cannot get 20/2 in Hawaii without a visit to your home for the installation and you are required to have a DOCSIS 3 modem. Oceanic said that they had intended originally to offer the Turbo tier with DOCSIS 2 modems but were told by TWC corporate that while TWC would not force them to do it that TWC STRONGLY recommended that Oceanic require DOCSIS 3 modems for Turbo tier so that is the policy they implemented.

I think we are having a semantics problem here. Oceanic is "requiring" a DOCSIS 3 modem if you want 20/2. Maybe technically it is not required but Oceanic IS requiring it after TWC corporate told them they should require it.

So, it IS required here. Oceanic will not provision a DOCSIS 2 modem at 20/2. I told Oceanic that I wanted to keep my SB 5100 because the newer SBs lack the pause button that I love and used every day from 2001 when I first got Road Runner. Oceanic said I had to have a DOCSIS 3 modem.
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