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Andover, NJ

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reply to ImpldConsent

Re: What to leave on - empty house

You did not say what type of heat you had but did indicate that it was at a different temp than the AC os I am assuming it may be a different system.

Is it baseboard hot water? If so you need to keep the water on for that as it may need a little water for makup. There my be a little loss through any air eliminator valves and the like. This does not happen a lot, and a perfect system will never need added water but nothing is perfect. You don't want your furnace to go dry.

Keeping a certain summertime maximum temp is not that important, the important thing is maintaining a reasonable relative humidity in the house. Setting the thermostat to, lets say, 85* will result in a certain relative humidity during the summer. There are some thermostats that can be set to a temperature setpoint and a maximum humidity. They will override the temperature setting, to a userdefined limit, and lower the temp to remove moisture to satisfy the RH setting you have selected.

Along the lines of A/C: has you unit been serviced lately, coils cleaned, wires tightened, refrigerant charge verified etc? At the least, the return air filters should be changed.

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