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Pierrefonds, QC
reply to DKS

Re: EXTREME freezing temperatures - What to worry about?

said by DKS:

Incredibly dangerous idea. Stoves use air to burn. Your house is fairly air tight. The stove will use up the oxygen in the air, producing carbon monoxide. Your wife will be a widow. Your children will have no father. Don't ever run a stove, propane furnace or generator indoors.

Oh I have CO detectors with a battery back up. I'd be fine. Also, the stove was made to be run indoor, but ya that stove needs to be inspected when I'm almost done with the basement.

said by DKS:

Another very dangerous idea. An unattended space heater is a fire hazard. Overheat switches don't always work. Excellent video on risks and benefits of space heaters here.

I have an oil passive space heater. Set at 400W it will only get as warm as the air coming out of my registers. Basically it's less dangerous than an electric baseboard.

said by DKS:

I have used an electric blow drier set to high to thaw pipes, if they are accessible.

The problem is that the location of the pipe where it's frozen is inside a wall (between the garage and the bathroom). So I can't thaw it with an hair dryer.

However, good news guys, everything's unblocked. Leaving the door open and letting my space heater run overnight fixed the problem.
I'll turn off the space heater but keep the door open. I finish work late today so when I come back, if it'S still okay then I won't need to use the space heater.

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New Jersey
Leave a trickle (steady stream) of water running while you're out today.