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Yorktown, VA
reply to Skittles

Re: LFR is better than LFD

While I agree that overall LFR has been a fantastic addition to the game, there are some definite shortfalls still.

One that is to be expected in a way is queue times. There are times when a DPS queue time is 45 mins - 1 hour. Supposing you wait through that to land in a 2/6 down Garalon group (when it was a wipefest on LFR). Even IF your group managed to down the boss you then had a huge wait time to get back in for the first part of the raid.

Second is the way loot is handled in LFR. Some people are ridiculously lucky and get 3-4 items in a run. Others will go weeks with no upgrades at all. In fact I have not gotten an item from Sha for 7 weeks despite using a token on each week's kill.

This brings me to my next suggestion - get rid of elder tokens. Replace them with a stacking bonus to your chance to get loot that gains a stack every time you kill a boss, say 4%. When the boss dies you are given the choice to use your stacks or save them. If you save them, it rolls just like it does now for you. If you use them it will increase your chance to get loot by 4% / stack and will then wipe your stacks.

Then again, this would mess with the need to do dailies and we all know how much they insist we are to like and do dailies. In a nutshell they should address the chance to do LFR week after week for no benefit.
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