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Columbus, OH
reply to Gyp Thomson

Re: [Signals] COMCAST said my E2500 router is causing leakage.

said by Gyp Thomson :

Internet is upstairs and cable tv service is upstairs and downstairs. On one side of the house is the cable box. On the other side of the house is my breaker. Years ago comcast had to hook the wires up under my roof, from the side where the cable box is to the side where the breaker is because they said CA law requires. BTW, I'm in the Bay Area of California. My apologies for not providing this info in my previous post.

This is an electrical code issue. The cable must be grounded to the same ground as the elctrical service, and the cable box must be located there. Sounds like something is out of whack here.

How old is your house? Is your equipment plugged into properly-grounded outlets?

Regardless of what terminology they used, the Comcast guys are looking for ingress into the cable system or egress from it. The former because it messes up their system, the latter because it violates federal regulations. The FCC also checks for the latter, and sends out notices of violations. Here's an example:

»transition.fcc.gov/eb/FieldNotic ··· 5A1.html

So the first step is to get the cable installed correctly, if it is not at present. That means a drop from the pole to the general location of your electrical service, preferable without splices, at which point it get's connected to a ground block which is bonded to the electrical service ground. From there it runs to the cable box (sometimes the ground is inside the cable box.

Iowa native
Springfield, MA
My drop is underground and it goes from the ped to the back of the house and then it goes inside and back to the front where the electrical panel is. It is grounded at the electric panel.