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Om Nom Nom

Lincoln, NE
reply to McBrain

Re: [Lore] I've never read ANY lore...where EXACTLY should I sta

Blizzard uses a handful of authors, the two most note worthy and frequently used being Golden and Knaak. A lot of people dislike Richard Knaak because of his style and propensity to add his own Mary Sue characters to his works, more than a couple becoming canonical characters (and bad ones at that), and because he generally writes major lore characters poorly. Golden on the other hand is some untouchable goddess when it comes to the books, and probably with good reason. Unlike Knaak she is capable of writing strong female characters, has an overall enjoyable flow to her prose, and does an exceptional job of properly representing lore characters are they should be. I prefer Golden over Knaak but I don't absolutely abhor him. If you want a good introductory book, as many have said, Arthas is a great starting point. Its relatively short, deals with probably the biggest lore character in the WoW universe, has all the standard tropes of a tragic hero, and is ultimately just well written.
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