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BRB Face Melting

reply to Ghastlyone

Re: After much deliberation, this is what I've decided

said by Ghastlyone:

Didn't you just build a new PC like 3 months ago?

I did.

But if you'll remember, I took the budget route with my CPU and went with a Phenom II x4 965 BE for just north of $100. I'm going to be muuuuuch more heavily into gaming, editing, and possibly streaming once I get to Japan (I'll be there and the fam will be here for 2 years).

I should have gone with an i5 at the time, but justifying the extra $150 to the wife would have been nearly impossible at the time.

said by Gordo74:

Grab one of the CatLeap monitors off eBay, 27" hi-res panel for $300-$400.

I would much rather prefer going with a Catleap or Shimian for my monitor, but I'm not certain that my single R7870 can run the 27" 1440 monitor for games AND the 1080p 23" monitor for utility on the side. If it can, I'll definitely ditch the ASUS monitor for the Korean one. If it can't I won't break the budget and buy another GPU to CrossFire for the 27" Korean monitor.

said by Gordo74:

Drop the AsRock board to an Extreme 4 or Extreme 3.

I'm admittedly still new to PC building. I'm currently running an Extreme3 with my AMD setup, and I'm not really pleased with the peripherals (mainly no front USB 3.0 ports)...but I am pleased with the product overall,and ASRock as a company. That's the reason I figured upping to the 6 would be a smart move. But, you're right, I would probably tell no difference in it and the 4, and save myself $20. The motherboard is the component I'm least comfortable with choosing myself...I'm open to any and all advice when it comes to what's the right fit for me.

said by Gordo74:

Find RAM with heatsinks that do NOT have fins above them. They WILL cause you grief when dealing with CPU heatsinks..

I use a CoolerMaster Hyper 212 right now, and my #1 and #2 memory slots are virtually unusable at this point. I could opt for 2x8GB, but then I would render my current 2x4GB sticks useless. The thought process was to sit on the new RAM for a little bit until I could pick up a decently priced Corsair H60 (or similar closed loop cooling system) on base at the little computer store, or grab one from newegg or amazon when they go on sale.

I guess the most important question of all of this is will my current GPU, run this or similar as my main display, as well as this as a secondary display?

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