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Farmington, MI

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Re: Flush an old hot water heater?

said by boaterbob:

Are you proficient in gas and water plumbing (esp if the water lines are soldered rather than using fittings you can unscrew).

I've seen it done a few times, and I plan to have guidance from someone who has done it a few times in the past. Gotta learn somehow.

The more I think about it, the more I think I should just replace it. Anything else would just be throwing good money and time after bad. I'll see how the current heater works after I close and decide if it's worth replacing right away or waiting.

At least it's not leaking...

Jeffersonville, IN

At least it's not leaking...

Yet! You will probably be much better off going ahead and replacing it with a new energy efficent unit. The savings will be quite noticeable if you are having to heat the water to almost max in the old one to get warm water.