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Let me see those devil horns in the sky

Kill Devil Hills, NC

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reply to cableties

Re: Doors

said by cableties:

said by Draiman:

I have no idea what distorted has to do with wood warping. *double facepalm*

Not with WOOD, with fiberglass. Fiberglass has highest coefficient of thermal expansion, followed by steel.
A Fiberglass door that faces the sun all day with have thermal bowing (so I used distortion...big whoop! it will not be original shape after thermal expansion...thus distortion could be correct)
Do I need to explain what bowing is? How it affects door sealing?

Ya know. I am just going to not post anymore. I was only suggesting to avoid installing fiberglass doors (like front doors to home) that face direct sun. Nothing about moisture. Nothing about rot.

We know what you tried to say but it was FALSE.

"Variations in temperature from one side of the door to the other can create thermal bowing as recognized by the Door and Hardware Institute as inherent in all materials."

Given the above statement the only differences are rot, moisture, etc. so that was posted to correct the FALSE reference. You suggested avoiding a fiberglass door over something that's inherent to all doors. Even when fiberglass has been proven to fair the BEST out of the door materials. It's the LEAST likely to happen too.

»Re: Steel door vs Fiberglass?
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