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Bowie, MD

Everyone needs to pay a little more attention

Within this document, the first references to any particular US carrier, is at the end of the document referencing source material. And it is not specific to the US, it also includes China, Japan, and a bunch of others.

This document was not paid for by any particular client, this is something Deloitte consulting has done for many years now, and is a global document, not a US specific one. The document was not even prepared by US based partners, it came out of Australia.

Whether or not you agree with the results and stats within it, is fine, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but there is not reason to immediately come to the conclusion that it was paid for by a telco. Have any of you even looked at the past years TMT documents, not related to wireless at all in some cases.

As a side note, in the interest of full disclosure, I am a Deloitte employee, but have nothing to do with the Consulting side (Deloitte consists of many different entities).

A second side note, don't think I just came here and registered an account to defend the company, I have been here for years.