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Woodstock, IL

Search a scanned PDF document for an image (signature)?

I have a 3,000+ page searchable PDF document I am trying to match a signature on. Is there anything out there that makes it possible to do a search for the signature (image)?

Almost like an enhanced Control+F function?

La Merma - Vigilado
Is there anything that precedes the signature, date, title etc, that you can search on instead? Or if your pdf software supports use OCR on in, in hope it will recognise part of the signature from the image.

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R Not
Long Beach, CA
reply to boxelder
Hmmm... it may depend on how it was "signed" or how the PDF was created. Just thinking out loud here...

If the PDF was created by scanning papers that were signed previously, then the signature image would be part and parcel of the scanned image and I suspect that would be very difficult to search for. I don't think you will find cheap "signature recognition" software that could match up 'close but not exact' images - which is what multiple versions of someone's signature would be. No one ever signs exactly the same...

However, if the signature was added ("pasted" per se) as a separate image to a prior PDF file, then that separate image would represent a component of of the PDF that could in theory be searched for. In that case, every signature would be exactly the same and a search for that image could be done...

I hope that makes sense... :-/


Woodstock, IL
I appreciate the feedback. These were scanned documents that were signed previously.

I suppose there must be something out there but, like you say, no signature is the same. This is not a "mission critical" task, but in the meantime I am using slow time every now and then for a needle in a haystack review of a few thousand page scanned file.


Houghton Lake, MI
reply to boxelder
I would think that the software that made the 3000 page document would have only stored one copy of the image in the file even if it was used many times on many pages.

So if you open the document in the editor and select the image and do a replace you may have the option to replace all. I would try some different editors if possible for this feature.