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reply to trparky

Re: Just shows...

said by trparky:

Sadly, AT&T has been rather allergic to spending money. They have a bad tendency to only spend it when they absolutely need it. This is more on the wireline side.

The wireless side is another thing all together different. They've been spending a crap ton of cash on their wireless network as of late.

Actually - wireless falls into that same category. AT&T has always been a day late / dollar short to the party, playing second fiddle with spectrum, deployments to Verizon Wireless. They do have to spend to compete... they're just VERY conservative to the point of pi$$ing off their customers at it.
pew-Verse/POTS/ADSL - its a lot more 'old school' brick and mortar business footprint.. only innovation that can occur is to merge services (triple play), add more functionality to TV, and charge for overages.