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Arlington, TX
reply to motorola870

Re: [TWC] Dallas/Ft Worth Metro Vol II -- Time Warner

seems the change over date has changed to 3/5/13 and this is for Wichita Falls, Dallas metro, and Greenville!

Digital Adapters

Starting on or about December 19th, designated channels will be delivered in digital format only. This will not affect any TVs you currently have connected to a digital set-top box. If you want to view these channels on additional direct-connect analog TVs and similar devices, you may request a Digital Adapter free of charge through November 2013. After that time, each adapter will cost 99 cents a month.

Important Note: You will receive the adapters within a week of the date in the table. Adapters should be connected on or after the dates below. Connecting adapters before this date will make some channels unviewable. Please refer to the chart below to find the Connect Date for your area. You can set up your adapters any time from that day on without any loss of picture.

Location Date
Kansas City, KS and surrounding areas 10/23/12
Wisconsin and surrounding areas
Austin, TX 12/19/12
Waco, TX
El Paso, TX 01/29/13
Fredericksburg, TX 01/29/13
San Antonio, TX 01/29/13
Greenville, TX 03/05/13
Dallas, TX 03/05/13
Wichita Falls, TX 03/05/13

Digital Adapter Easy Setup Guide

Digital Adaptor Image

Download this guide for setup and activation instructions

Download instructions for the Digital Adapter remote control


Guide Mascot Image

Download this guide for setup and activation instructions

Order Your Digital Adapter

Here's how to check each of your TVs: If you plug your cable line directly into a TV, then that TV needs a Digital Adapter.

You can order your Digital Adapter(s):

Online Ordering

Online ordering

Please note: Texas customers online ordering will be available for you starting 12/6 until then please call us at 1-855-286-1736

In Person

Sign in to your account

Visit Time Warner Cable Stores
Pick up the number of Adapter(s) you need

By Phone

Call 1-855-286-1736

Upgrade to Digital TV

Upgrade your service to Digital TV and enjoy the benefits of more than 200 channels, many in HD.

Install and Activate Your Digital Adapter

Connect to your TV

Activating your Adapter

Connect to your TV and VCR/DVD player