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Fishers, IN
reply to Skittles

Re: LFR is better than LFD

LFD is a waste gear wise once you can do LFR but it still has a benefit to do because once geared you can run thru a heroic in 20 min and get 80 valor for doing so...in LFR your getting 90 valor and its going to take you a few hours to go from beginning to end of the raid

I would love a 45-1hr que time for LFR, being a tank mine is closer to 2hrs...unless i have time on a Tuesday when EVERYONE is doing them. Due to the long que time i have only 1 thing to do which is grind rep...which i am so over...

i love both LFD and LFR since i work 2 jobs and cant commit to a guild raid schedule anymore. so im a loner at the moment and LFR is my only way to see content