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reply to ChampMom

Re: Significant outage across Southeast US?

Then cancel. For 49/mo with a 30Mb DL you have comcast. Maybe they are not the best at customer service but their internet speeds alone are better than a top tier uverse profile anywhere, plus you get a descent amount of channels. The only thing stopping you is you.

I really fail to see how so many people cannot see that uverse is so little for so much. A 24 Mb maximum internet DL speed is not acceptable in this day and age, and if enough people defect I would bet these magic speed options would change.

Bill Neilson
Arlington, VA
Why can you fail to see it when people tell you all the time why they continue to pay so much for so little? Like myself?

I don't have another option. Cox here is absolutely and utterly atrocious and the customer service is frankly on another level of incompetence than AT&T which is saying a hell of a lot.

I had Cox for years and went through living hell as do most down here with it.

Only one other provider for TV/Internet....that's it....UVerse.


No Van, specifically to champmom, comcast is in her area. You could still detach the internet portion and go to cable even on a bad day its probably many times faster. The 18Mb for $30/mo is in your area