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This is a sub-selection from $50 million better spent


East Amherst, NY
reply to jimk

Re: $50 million better spent

Nobody knows how to service it, and the monster Cisco box take up 15 Watts of power, almost 3x what my HDHR does. I looked at the circuit board, and it looks like a barely 5 layer circa 2004 tech.

When I had my install performed, they didn't even show w/ the CC, and then once they did the "forgot" about the SDV box. Long story short I wasted many hours of my time and they never got it working.

In my region (Buffalo) ALL HD channels are on SDV except for broadcast.

So I was thinking about going back, and just getting broadcast (so no SDV) ($50/month) versus the $115 I'm paying for FIOS now (2 play). Granted it's 20/2 versus the 25/25 I have today.

Verizon will do just broadcast at $17/month, however once you factor in the internet it's almost $100, 2x of TWC cost. They are simply not in that business....

I really can't justify the extra $65 a month for the 3-4 hours of non-broadcast we watch a month. Put plainly, we just don't really watch much TV in the house, it's all internet or Netflix/Amazon. I don't have a problem paying $30 to watch a new show I like if it's on cable....