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This is a sub-selection from I've got nothing to hide

We the people
Brewster, WA
reply to Duramax08

Re: I've got nothing to hide

said by Duramax08:

lol, so what are you hiding then?

... or company espionage, theres nothing to worry about.

You included the primary target of allowable snooping by accident.

The greatest ideas that result in the biggest profits are most always taken from someone else, by various means.

Do you seriously think all these multi-billion dollar corporations who roll over on their back when it comes to data privacy are doing it in the name of patriotism? They allow it because it gives them a free get out of jail ticket when they can just say the data they may or may not of seen was also seen by the gov't so "anyone" could of seen it or given it away so they shouldn't be liable for all the money they may or may not have made from seeing it or using it.

But yea, what I had for dinner and where I bought a pack of gum is "nothing to hide" so who cares...
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