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tmobile 4 lf

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Re: Still a pig

I think everyone whom doesn't have good coverage with Tmobile in their area will complain. The others whom have great coverage love Tmobile. It is what it is. Unless you got the money in your pocket to put up more cell towers then either you use Tmobile or you don't. No need for an argument over it.

Question everything
Westfield, MA
·Verizon Wireless..
Not trying to start any argument, the facts are in the numbers when you follow all 4 providers and there new/planned towers you start to see a pattern.

Some quick math, Tmobile got paid 6.68 billion for the botched deal
»www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/01/2 ··· 533.html

According to this website »www.quora.com/Telecommunications ··· ll-tower the average full cost for a tower is $250,000 we will bump that up to $300,000. lets take just one billion and divide that by $300,000 and you should come up with 3333,333333....... you get the point. That is a awful lot of towers you can build from money that came into your company's coffers that wasn't even planned for.

I am no cell phone company CEO by any means but I would think that I would want more customers so putting up more towers might be a wise investment.