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Chatsworth, CA

DSL Extreme


I'm sorry you had difficulty with the cancellation process, but where did you send the email to cancel? Our terms & conditions (»www.dslextreme.com/termsconditions?i=1) list our website, fax, and snail mail to Utah as the valid ways to cancel, not email, so... I'm not sure where you sent that email to? Normally, if you send an email to one of our departments, such as support@dslextreme.com for technical issues, you should automatically receive a reply from the system acknowledging receipt of the email and giving you a ticket number to track it... but you also mentioned you never received any reply, so it sounds like you sent the email to an email address that may not be valid? You do not need to send a cancel request via all three methods listed on our website, but you should send it through one of them:

1. Online at »www.dslextreme.com/cancel/
2. Via fax at 818-206-0326
3. Via mail to: DSLExtreme

Attn: Cancellation Department
P. O. Box 221050
Salt Lake City, UT 84122

Also stated at the beginning of section 11, TERMINATION BY SUBSCRIBER, if you're on a monthly subscription you need to send it at least 30 days in advance (not in the middle of the month):

"Subscriber may terminate this Agreement at any time for any reason by providing DSLExtreme with a thirty (30) day written notice in the form of a valid written termination request and paying all fees and other charges accrued or otherwise payable under the terms of this Agreement. Such thirty (30) day period begins on the date on which DSLExtreme receives Subscriber's valid written termination request. A Monthly Subscriber's termination will be effective on the later of (a) the end of last day of the calendar month during which such thirty (30) day period ends (e.g., a valid written termination request received by DSLExtreme any time during January will result in termination effective at the end of February) or (b) the end of last day of the calendar month requested by the Monthly Subscriber."

As you can see, our cancellation process is clearly stated on our website, and we did nothing unusual or unethical regarding such. If you want to provide me with your account information, I can look up your account and look into this matter about the modem.
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