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reply to Viper359

Re: Fibe TV without Inet

As long as your sync speed is good, the internet is not bad. If your worried about the low cap, tell them you will sign up if you are given the student cap of 375GB as you have a student in the home.

Scarborough, ON
There is a reason I asked if anyone has got it without. I am not paying bell for their slow internet and low caps. I have 75/2 with Rogers now, and pay $49.99 now, plus free modem, with 250 gigs. I can easily burst to 150 down, and sustain it for a good 30 plus minutes. I have 5 people in my household, all of whom are connected to the internet doing various bw intensive stuff at the same time, or at various times. I am not concerned with burst speeds, as I am sustained, and since my wiggle room would be on a good day, 15 down, that doesn't leave much room. I could care less about upload, as we don't do much to care.

Add to my above, I am running voip in my house, and other background, low bw using devices, like xbox, ps3,, iphones, and blackberry phones and 3 tablets, the last thing I want to deal with is a bottle neck, or setting up QOS, network rules etc.

My last reason for not wanting bell internet, is I am sick of this triple play stuff. Personally, its that bundling of items that has started the big screw of the consumer.