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Jamaica, NY
reply to alkizmo

Re: EXTREME freezing temperatures - What to worry about?

Get a hammer (rip off drywall) and some fiberglass or styrofoam board and insulate the walls. The ground does not freeze below the frost line. Replace the drywall with 3/8 ply or osb to make maintenance easier in the future. Be careful of firewalls/code. Fastest way to dewater any pipe is compressed air. Make a QC to GHT fitting, attach to a hose tap, then drain each water fixture one by one until air is coming out. Toilets will require using the shutoff valve since tank won't refill. Best thing is to have a garden hose tap after your meter to inject air. Yes, its illegal due to no backflow preventer. Use non toxic pink RV anti freeze in toilet bowls and all traps.