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North Bergen, NJ

Netflix vs Redbox

I went streaming only after the price hike and have used Redbox. Redbox is definitely cheaper but sometimes it is very difficult to get a popular movie on a weekend. Other problems include the machine being out of service, sometimes for days at a time. Also some discs do not play and there are always lines at the machine on the weekends. I recently took advantage of a free month of DVD's from Netflix and I noticed that Netflix has reduced the staff that is receiving the DVD's. During the 2 months that I had the DVD plan my returned discs were not received the next day twice. In one case it took 4 days. I decided to cancel the DVD plan because of this.
I was invited to participate in the Redbox Instant Service recently and I was given 4 rentals. The streaming catalog is very small and the devices are very limited. If this really takes off then the Redbox movies will all be out on the weekends.
I may eventually return to a DVD plan because I did like the reliability of receiving a new release on Tuesday each week.