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4 Ever Young
·Cox HSI
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Re: Feds warn PC users to disable Java

While this is already old news, the following is something that I just read in today's Langalist. It includes just a small list of things that require Java in which to run correctly. I find the Secunia Online Inspector a most strange thing to be still running using Java.

GoToMyPC — works more easily with Java, though it's not required
The Wall Street Journal website, wsj.com, uses Java for dynamic charts
Secunia's Online Software Inspector
ThinkFree Office Online
FreeMind — mind-mapping software
France's online voting system
LuxSci webmail — Java used only for some advanced features
time.gov — the official U.S. time site (Java can be disabled)
Of those applications, I'm most concerned that Secunia's Online Software Inspector requires Java for its scanning processes. I recommend switching to Secunia Personal Software Inspector (site ) to scan your PC for needed updates.

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Gentoo Convert
Fort Smith, AR
It's settled. I blocked Java to protect all machines that may enter my network. It only broke 1 thing that I actually used-causes the Speedtest.net Android app to force close. No sites that I use or any other apps seem affected. I blocked it on a trial but keeping it blocked. Still allows my internal server to push Java applets to the browser plugins on my machines, without the plugin being an attack vector. Further, for the Debian laptop, I use NotScript for Chromium Browser(same function as NoScript for Firefox), which will only allow the plugin to run if I specifically allow it, covering me on outside networks and vpn. That is if the Openjdk is even vulnerable.
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