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Cyber Librarian
Forest Grove, OR

nzb.su / no api for freeloaders

So I don't know if anyone else who is using sickbeard managed to get an nzb.su account back in the day but I noticed recently that I was getting these dreaded errors in my sickbeard logs:

Authentication error: Your authentication info for nzb.su is incorrect, check your config
Unknown error given from nzb.su: Request limit reached

Found this post by the admin that explains it:

After sending out massive amounts of email attempting to alert users that haven't logged in for a year + that their account access would be removed, we've elected to just remove API access for free users. It's a giant pain to clean up all the accounts with bounced emails (though we continue to remove accounts with bad emails) --and this will help control bandwidth usage.

Free accounts have access to download 20 nzb's per day now (10 previously) - but API hits will now be zero. I know that will be disappointing to a lot of the free people, but that seemed to be the status quo for other nzb sites--and we can see why.

VIP access there is $2.50/mo or $11/year.

Apologies if this has been posted previously, with all the traffic in this forum, I've been skimming at best.
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