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mi424wr rev i problem?

so i got 75/35 fios at my house recently. the tv is fantastic but im havin some problems with the itnernet.

the service goes into the box from the street, then from there it goes via coax into the modem. when i run a speed test directly connected to the modem its fast, but on all of the laptops i seem to run into a problem of extreme slow downs. then i reset the router and its good for a little while then bam again, super slow, barely loading pages. i have no idea what is going on. ive run the optimizer but it didnt really do anything. i have also tried setting it up with opendns but that didnt solve anything either. there are a few devices on the router. 3 cellphones, and 5 laptops and an ipad.

one more thing. when we first got it, it was set up with a wpa2 key. we had no problems getting all the devices on except 2 laptops. no idea waht was causing the problem and still dont. when it was connected with wpa2 the connection speed was 135. i changed the encryption to WEP and then had no problem connecting all the devices, but now the connection speed maxes out at 54mbps. im wondering if the slowdown/freezing has anything to do with WEP.

any advice would be appreciated. thanks


Howell, NJ

yes wep is slower. wpa2 will be faster. also try changing the channel to 11. 6 seems to be a problem channels. other then that speed fluxuation is gonna happen with wireless


reply to venom21

Wireless N does not support WEP. You need to use WPA/WPA2