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united state
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Re: [Speed] Congested Comcast Peering with Akamai, Google in Mid

Dunno what the OP is complaining about..Peers/Transit providers can of course deprioritize certain traffic, ISP has QoS too...
What your snapshots are mostly irrelevant to the issue.. And most likely you can't do much about.... Not satisfied? Get another ISP....
From what I have seen, as a residential customer, if your speedtest and ping looks fine to your ISP's test server, in their eyes you are just making some nonsense....


Ypsilanti, MI

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I'm well aware of how residential ISPs view their customers. Isn't this the place we're supposed to talk about it and be heard?

If we are to effect change in an environment where the regulatory and business cards are stacked against us, why would we stay silent? If mountainview would rather not effect change, s/he might be better off working for Comcast. You know, they do pay people to toe the corporate line.

Finally, how are my snapshots irrelevant? They illustrate a problem I know from experience to be systemic. I don't have a reason to misrepresent what I'm posting, and I have knowledge of the network architecture. If mountainview would rather not hear about the condition of the residential broadband industry from the viewpoint of the consumer, s/he may want to find another forum to troll, as this one seems dedicated to that exact purpose.