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Dallas, TX
reply to Satch

Re: Possible 5 Tuner DVR In The Works?

said by Satch:

said by MeInDallas:

Saw this on Fierce Cable today. They keep pushing the time back more and more

»www.fiercecable.com/story/time-w ··· 13-01-31

My prediction,

It will be $10 more per month to rent than the current DVR's and may only be offered for Whole Home Subs. (Including Signature Home.) For those who only do limited recording or have only one TV, as is my case, the added expense may not be for everyone.

However, TWC really needs an opt-in for subs to have more than a 2-tuner DVR.


If it was $10 more I'm to the point I would pay it. I would even settle for one that had 4 tuners on it at least. Theres just too many channels on cable and too many shows to have only 2 tuners. Uverse has 4 and DirecTv has 5 now, so TWC needs to get with the times. I would even go for different pricing, say $20 for 2 tuners, $25 for 4 tuners, and $30 for 6 tuners, and give people a choice.

I've been using one of the Ceton cards lately with 4 tuners, but of course it has it quirks like anything else out there. Its nice to have the 4 tuners though.