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Woodbridge, VA
reply to Nezmo

Re: Ridiculous charge for lost FIOS cable box!

said by Nezmo:

My ex-wife called to get a replacement router as hers went bad (known power problem). The old one was dead and she did not see the instructions to return it anyway (and she tossed it in the trash). VZ charged her $120. She fought for three months to get the charge removed but by rights VZ were right as it was in the terms.

This is why I keep the pile of Actiontec routers they have sent me over the years. I think I have four now. I keep them in case one day they try to charge me for them.

Warwick, RI
I have a dead Rev.A, a Rev. C still in service, a Rev.D, and a Rev.F. in reserve. None are primary.

Staying on topic, VZ isn't the only outfit to charge for lost or damaged equipment. There's the occasional building fire and tornado damage events that expose cable's merciless hearts. At least until the media gets a hold of the story.

But these are people with real losses -- lives, homes.

My DCT700 was one of those free for life deals when analog switched off. I still use it today to feed a slingbox for my 92 y.o. friend who's too cheap for his internet and TV. I give him a wireless freebie. Who cares about PQ when it's free.
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