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Culver City, CA

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File Integrity on transfer between machine

It is the time of the year I do my file migrating into a storage area. For 9 years I have used a utility Dexadine CRC32 Utility to generate CRC32 values and compare the files on the source machine to the same files copied to the destination machine. And it has work extremely well.

This year I have a 64 bit server as the destination machine and after coping the files, and I can see them there, the utility says the file are missing. I am copying from a 32 bit machine to the 64 bit server and I think the CRC32 utility just work work across platforms. Hence it is saying the files are missing.

I am thinking of switching to an MD5 hash to compare the source files with the destination files and am looking for other peoples suggestions.

What is a good MD5 generator that I can use to compare the source files with the destination files. Free is always nice, but easy to use and fast are big pluses also.



I would like to work on validating folders. Create a check value for a folder. These folders have near 10,000 files in them each.



Culver City, CA

I have been using that utility for 9 years and I had never had a failure on copying files, and we have the new 64 bit server I was thinking that was the cause. I tested yesterday many ways of copying, and when I go home last night I spent the evening reading about CRC and trying to find another app. Well the thirty-two in CRC 32 in the bit length of the product of running the algorithm on the files. Not that it wants a 32 bit operating system. I then set up a plan of test to test the network and the Utility to be ran this morning... and the result was the Utility and the operating systems get along fine. There is something wrong with just that one machine, it just happened to be the first one I was working on, and all the other machines I have move files from this morning, the CRC have checked out fine.

Guess I will still be using Dexadine CRC 32.

I thank the people who took the time to give me a read. It is a perplexing situation where I had made a false assumption, but when I had done adequate testing, all worked out.


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Burlington, ON
reply to fox7
How about rsync for Windows i.e. DeltaCopy?


Culver City, CA
reply to fox7
Thanks for the suggestion. But this little Utility I have been using is lighting fast and creates a nice little log in .txt to show all was check and good. Hard to beat that. I was in some real sorrow when I was thinking it was the utility that was failing and not the computer, which turned out to be the case.

Thanks again,