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Made of Hamburger
Dupont, WA
reply to ImpldConsent

Re: What to leave on - empty house

I think everyone covered most of the items. I am just gonna ask if you already have someone to mow the grass, rake leaves and such to keep the outside appearance up.
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Under Siege
Mcdonough, GA
·AT&T U-Verse
* PD - Check (neighbor is PD ... neighborhood is fairly safe ... they have a house-watch program as well)
* Furnace - is gas - electric ignition - is 55F good? Warmer?
* AC - yes, I'm concerned about humidity, so I want to stick with that. I'll check my TStats. They're new Trane systems (8months old) and I haven't read all the features/functions.
* Fridge/Freezer - Check on open doors
* Toilets - Check

I've got a great list going on. I appreciate the experience. This is the first time we'll be leaving our 'baby' alone. Scares the $#!+ outa me, but my wife being with family/friends on this last ride is healthy for her. TY'all ( --not bad for a Colorado/Georgia transplant eh?).
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Andover, NJ
Do you have separate heat and AC systems? Reason I ask is I am wondering how you will setup the 80/55* split between heating and cooling if it is on one system? Is there an automatic heat/cool function in the thermostat settings?

If it is a new Trane the thermostat probably has humidity control built into it. This function may not be enabled however, try calling your HVAC installer and ask them.

55* may be a reasonable number, but 50* would work also. The big thing is to keep pipes from freezing.
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Color outside the lines
Houston, TX
Thank you for your service.

Unplug TV's and etc.

Have someone check your house, inside and out at least once per week. Have a neighbor check the front door daily to remove junk flyers and have same neighbor check the mail box for mail (subs often leave mail when mail is held or forwarded).

Put jewelry and important papers in a safe deposit box at your bank. Have backups of your computers stored in a safe location or in a cloud service.
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