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Niceville, FL
·Jaguar PC
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Re: [FL] Latency issues - Is Cox working on their back-end syste

Oh, let's throw out some additional details for clarification:

This is a home-office installation, with both residential and business service at the same address - the physical server machine is about ten feet away from me. Both networks are isolated, and there are two drops off the pole. I'd imagine that both are connected to the same node, and I'm wondering if the node's overloaded or flaky.

Home-HSI smokeping:

Business-HSI smokeping:



I'll add myself to the "having this problem" list. Unfortunately, I'm at work and can't post details right now. But I have pingplotter data across multiple nights I can share when I get home. All of the packet loss appears to be at or (occasionally)

I've scheduled two service calls and cancelled them both because I've received calls from Cox saying "Oh, we found the problem last night and corrected it, you should be fine." The problem is corrected for anywhere between 1 and 4 hours, then is back full force.

The PingPlotter runs I have show losses of 10-50% at the above IP, most typically sitting at 20%. I'll data dump when I get home tonight.