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Allen, TX
reply to David

Re: Just shows...

said by David:

said by ChampMom:

DSL and U-verse are NOT the same thing, not even close. So I can assure you that your "business-class DSL" clients were NOT effected by the U-verse outage


I would like to know exactly how a PPPoE ADSL service on completely different equipment ( ATM based) how on earth a uverse Internet outage (IP based service) affected them.

AFAIK, the only way to have that happen would be to have AT&T move the three leftover DHCP customer's in old SWBell territory from the DHCP server on the concentrator to the generic one in the Lightspeed network. And, AFAIK, the PPPoE handoff from the concentrator is from the actual concentrator, no DHCP involved.
And, if I'm not mistaken, the IP ranges are very different, so you would know if you were on the Lightspeed network versus the ATM network.

But, as you stated, the DHCP server in Lightspeed uses certificate based DHCP, so even if one were to be PPPoE or DHCP in SWBell territory using ATM based DSL, you wouldn't have the certificate to receive the IP address because the equipment is set to passthrough to the user, not the device.

So, in other words, we got some grade A derp goin' on.