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[BC] Is this normal?

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So I signed up for Turbo 15 like 2 years ago and at the time I was indeed getting around 14mbps. I don't know since when but maybe around a year ago, the speed got reduced to 10mbps. I was too lazy to care then, but now with Hulu and stuff I kind miss the old speed especially I am paying for it anyways.

So I took this screen shot and it shows my sync rate is much higher than what I am getting. And I recall years ago the sync rate was 26mbps, so clearly something has changed.

Wondering if any telus people could shed some light on it. And if there is anything I could do. The tier 1 people aren't exactly helpful. Thanks.


Vancouver, BC
I would definitely get a tech out - a 15Mbps service shouldn't be syncing at 11Mbps - it indicates line issues most likely, and a competent tech should be able to get you back up to a 15 - 18Mbps train rate.
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Thanks for the help. I called it in and tier 2 simply raised me to a higher profile with lower latency. He did ask me if I came here cause I seem to know more than the average caller. lol