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Re: I enjoy sports...

All of this would be fixed if the cable companies and content owners would just implement my idea.

I would give everyone responsible in my market a cable connection and an HD capable cable box.
I would have all of them get channels I get paid to show (shopping etc..). I would allow them to go onto the website or use their tv to select which channels or packages they want. If they want only CNN as their every month channel, then that's great it's 1 dollar a month (or whatever is appropriate). What if their son is over and wants to watch the game. Today they would not watch it and the cable company would get no money. I think they switch to that channel the cable box says, would you like to buy this channel for the rest of the month? It's 2.00. yes or no?
The HD version is $4 dollars for the rest of the month.
Grandkids over and want to watch Disney? pay a few bucks and get it. No calling for a package upgrade, or anything like that

And so on and so on.