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Montreal, QC
reply to Devanchya

Re: harmony remotes RIP

FYI, LG and Logitech are two different companies. Logitech manufactures the Harmony, not LG.

It's not surprising that their Harmony business has been faltering. Logitech sells horribly outdated hardware at grossly overinflated costs, ignores customer input, provides a horrible interface for configuring them, and hasn't updated any of the firmware or software of their flagship devices in years.

Don't get my wrong, I love my Harmony remote, but everything about it (especially the touchscreen) feels like I bought it 10 years ago instead of a few months ago.

My main concern is that they might abandon support for the remote. You see, their desktop software is entirely web-based, and you can't use the software without an internet connection or connecting to your logitech account. If they shut down any of these services, all existing customers will find themselves with non-programmable remotes.
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