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Cookeville, TN

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Re: Go Kart question

Make sure that any Go Kart you purchase has a built in roll bar that is higher than the head + helmet of anyone going to ride in it and a seat belt or other restraint system.

I had one of these when I was just starting 3rd grade and in our own back yard (an acre and a third) I was able to flip mine end-over-end.

Mine did not have a roll bar so it was just my head and the steering wheel hitting the ground. I was lucky, my neck was broken and my arm got crushed between the steering wheel and the ground but I was able to recover with just some minor brain damage. Even a simple roll-over can cause similar injuries with out a roll bar and seat belt.

Oh yes, make sure the machine has a roll-over kill switch that turns off the engine should the worst happen. Mine kept running while it was upside down (and on top of me) while gasoline was leaking out of the gas tank. Luckily my parents killed the beast before it caught fire.

Lanett, AL
I must have been EXTREMELY lucky with mine then. I didn't flip mine end-over-end but I did turn it over (took a turn too sharply and under power too) on the side. I was probably about the same age/grade too. No roll bar or anything, just a flat deck, steering wheel, seat and engine. I had nothing at all broken or injured. I got up on my own, flipped it back over, killed it (yeah no safety shutoff) and went inside and told mom what had happened. NO idea how I managed to be so lucky lol.