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Chicago, IL

[Speed] Higher SNR, lower speed in Chicago (Lakeview)

I have a 75 Mbps plan, and I also have a TV package through RCN. I installed Dish Network today, and in doing so, I needed to move the location of the RCN line.

I moved the entry point a few feet, and wired it directly into the cable modem (previously, it was split twice before reaching the modem). This resulted in constant reboots of the modem. So I then took the line, split it twice (with nothing else coming out of the splitter), and the line running to the cable modem being the 3.5dBm (all of this was as it was previously, except there's no lines from the splitters to TVs).

This now results in the Internet up and running, albeit at 10% of the speed I should be getting (7 Mbps, and under 1 Mbps upload).

My SNRs for each of the channels is at 35 dB. The power level for each is at 11 dBmV.

Encoded Mac: 959d87b519a7a142213f10930a4fa5babc2657f6

Anyone know what could be happening? Thanks