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Montreal, QC
reply to Gone

Re: harmony remotes RIP

said by Gone:

You need to look harder, as they have a lot of consumer remotes that they sell directly to end-users.


They also don't *require* a base station, they just optionally support it for RF control. Plenty of the models are IR LOS, or both.

I suspect that with Logitech leaving the business, their Canadian distribution may improve.

It seems like you have to do the programming on the remote, though. Looking through the models on newegg, I saw some reviews that mention the company refuses to give out the programming software except to distributors, and it only runs on XP, while the ones with better reviews discuss programming the remote stand-alone.

URC's website is a huge mess. Finding your way to the retail remotes is counter-intuitive. The products themselves might be fantastic, but they're definitely not a consumer company.

The biggest roadblock for me might be controlling my PS3. Logitech makes an (overpriced) adapter for that, it works well, but URC may not. However, the Harmony adapter probably works with the URC remote; the Harmony adapter pairs with the PS3 over bluetooth, and then the remote sends IR signals to the adapter. So the URC remote could probably replicate the signals, assuming it has a record/playback learning system like the Harmony remotes.
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