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Bolivar, MO

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Re: Is this DSL equipment??

Yes it is, they have been installing new equipment just like that box that is on the pedestal in my area as well, it is a DSLAM which provides DSL, I haven't been able to get DSL since I moved here in Missouri but they installed one of those near my location over the summer and ran fiber from the DSLAM back towards town. I believe these are the DSLAMs they are using in their stimulus projects, they have installed at least half a dozen around here. I believe that other new box to the left of it is a junction box where they hook up the phone line into the DSLAM, that's also exactly what they did around here. Oh and they also installed the ones around here near electric meters. It appears that the meter isn't installed in the one in that picture yet, meaning that it may not be turned up yet. Have you asked Windstream about it? They installed the one that's going to serve me around June but they are just now starting to turn up the ones around here, how far are you from this?
»Broadband Stimulus

Check out the pictures in that forum that I took of the new equipment near me, looks identical to me.