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reply to MaynardKrebs

Re: Weird York Furnace Issue & Bad Service

said by MaynardKrebs:

If you want to get nasty about it, report an unsafe installation to TSSA with the installer & company name.

You can also write York and tell them that you are going to write CSA telling them about an unsafe product.

Then see what happens.

not a bad idea at all...while most things likely won't garner much attention, a home, with natural gas, and a potentially faulty furnace is little more than a fixed bomb...not that it is likely that would happen, but just the mention of faulty furnace and natural gas is certain to get a raised eyebrow.

at the very least, perhaps York will work with you...i have a York furnace too...i also have a buddy who does the maintenance for me (every 2 years)...i had something fail on it a couple of years ago (i think it was the exhaust blower fan or something like that)...the part was under warranty, but i had to pay for the labour (i think it was about $100).
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