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Modoc, IN

Can't get faster than 6.9mbit?

My modem connects with ADSL2+ but makes out almost 6.9mbit down. I worked with Frontier today on my line to see if we can squeeze more speed out of it. It syncs at 8000/923 but I only see around 6500/770 real world.

ADSL2+ supports much higher than 6.9mbit and the tech even verified my line should go up around 16mbit down and 1.2mbit up. So what's the deal? Is it on their end?


Newman, IL
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If 8000/923 is the max sync rate you are getting, you may have line issues preventing it from going higher if you are not distance limited.

According to the techs here, my highest possible sync rate would be 24Mb+ with the 1.2Mb upload. In my router I can see a obtainable sync rate of 27068 Kbps on each individual line. Real world throughput could be affected by congestion among other things.

Despite having the capacity for 20Mb+ on a single line, my area was limited to 3Mb/s until the middle of last year when the bonded plans became available and even then we are still limited to the 12Mb bonded plans. Even with this limit, speeds drop to around 2Mb every single evening.

You may have discovered why they are not offering the higher bonded plans at this time in your area.


Modoc, IN
They haven't found any line issues and I've looked in the logs - all my stats are very stable and almost never change at all. My attenuation is low and my SNR is decently high. I only live about a mile from the CO, so distance isn't a terrible concern.

I overheard one of the techs on the phone and his boss said something about only having one DSLAM in our CO, so I'd guess that's what's preventing us from using bonding. I've tried ordering bonded service at least twice with no luck, so it makes sense. I thought ADSL2+ could do more than around 7mbit even without bonding? And that bonding is only needed for longer lines to have decent speeds or where more than 24mbit was required?

The tech used a ADSL2+ tester that said my line has an attainable rate of ~16000/1200, so I doubt it's the line. I'm having them install a brand new second connect line next week so I'll know then if it's the line or not.
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What speeds are you paying for?


Modoc, IN
I'm paying for 6mbps right now. But I've been asking, almost begging, to be upgraded to something higher.